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One of the most exciting, important and excruciating events of your life can be buying your first home. This purchase means that you are ready to leap into the world of responsibility. No longer can you expect parents or landlords to take care of things for you, you are officially on your own! Although it sounds like a frightening experience, buying your first home can be a time of learning, enrichment and great satisfaction if it is properly handled.

Try to remember as you start this process that unless you are a very unusual person, you don't know what you are doing. YOU WILL NEED HELP! It's generally not the quick easy process that certain TV networks make it appear.

Once you have decided you are ready to buy, seek professional help (real estate, not psychological). You will need someone to guide you in the areas of finance, selecting the right home for you, home inspections, in general, someone who can hold your hand and walk you through the process to make it an enjoyable experience, not a nightmare. It just so happens that here at Coldwell Banker SKS Realty we have a staff of eager, qualified agents who have years on experience helping the first time buyer of any age.

We have just scratched the surface of first time buying in this installment but you can be assured we will have much more coming down the road.

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