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Reasons you should consider moving to a small town

There are so many reasons to live in a small town like Bedford, Pennsylvania and more and more people are moving out of the city to the countryside. There are some incredible benefits to living in a city but here are a few reasons to live in a small town.

A slower pace allows you to live in the moment “be in the now” as they say and gives you an opportunity to appreciate the people around you.  A small town vibe can bring your family closer together simply by giving you more time to spend with them.  While living in the city you may very well know your neighbors, the people in your building, and the shop keepers on your block but in a small town the sense of community can stretch for miles.   You will find that everyone remembers your name or at least your face and they are always happy to see you. 

What is your daily commute? If you spend most of your life in the car a small town will be like a rebirth-hypothetically speaking you will be reborn by getting back hours of your life. You can be at work in 5 minutes and home in time to have dinner with your family!  Nothing spoils a date night like waiting an hour to be seated at your favorite restaurant.  In a small town like Bedford, PA you can get seated quickly and waited on patiently which gives you time to focus on your date instead of your hunger!

Eliminate pollution in your life.  Less light pollution equals more stars.  In Bedford County when you step outside at night and look up you’ll feel like you’re a galaxy away from your old, starless life in the city. 

Noise pollution can quickly become unnoticeable in the city; as the constant intrusion of machinery, sirens, and traffic blends into the background of everyday life.  Imagine replacing those noises with the music of birds singing and wind whispering through the leaves.  Take a breath of fresh air.  Leave the smell of exhaust and trash behind. Step outside and enjoy the scent of fragrant lilacs and wild flowers, a summer rain shower or fresh-cut grass.  When you breathe deep in a small town you get the good stuff.

Get more for your money.  Ever dream of a private back yard, a huge vegetable garden, or even a farmette complete with horses, goats and white picket fences?  Small town real estate provides the opportunity to own more property and get closer to your version of the American Dream.  Even if you’re just hunting for a weekend retreat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can afford in Bedford County.

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