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Oh the Man Cave –a place to relax and escape from the stresses and pressures of everyday life.  The modern man cave has transformed into a place where husbands, fathers, boyfriends and even bachelors seek alone-time and comradery.  Just about the only requirements to have a man cave are that you live with someone else and that you are, quite obviously, male – because, let’s face it, if you’re a guy who lives by himself you already have one.  That’s why your place is where all your attached buddies want to hang out.  The problem is that men can smell man caves from a mile away – that garage door that never opens, those basement windows that have the glow of neon bar lights behind them at two o’clock in the morning – every guy knows what they mean and most guys want to be there.  While this certainly provides escape, it doesn’t necessarily provide stress-free relaxation.  Sure, throwing back some lagers and going completely nuts over the game without the interruption of significant others and children are fine ways to let off some steam, but that certainly doesn’t calm us down and get us centered for the challenges that life so generously provides.  So, what are we supposed to do?  I hate to say it guys, but once again women have the answer.

Enter the She Shed – the wife, girlfriend, mother version of the man cave.  She sheds have a lot of things going for them that their male counterparts lack.  Primarily, they are small (surprise, shed-sized) out buildings, set back from the main domicile, resulting in an increased level of privacy.  True, some are actual sheds, but many are custom built to serve the specific purpose of providing the upmost sense of retreat.  They only having enough space for one or two adults and some comfortable amenities.  It’s also pretty safe to wager that not many she sheds have TVs or game consoles – a couple pairs of extra shoes, probably.  She sheds can be set in a garden environment or tucked back among the trees to take full advantage of a serene view or other relaxing feature.  Where the man cave is usually decorated with objects to excite us – sports memorabilia, alcohol advertisements, scantily clad images of women who were super-hot when we were in high school – the she shed creates an ambiance of soothing energy - ambient lighting, soft textures, light fabrics, natural light and a general sense of calm.  The she shed truly is a place to escape, unwind, reflect and center oneself for whatever is next.

The reality is this:  whether you want to let loose or let go, cheer or meditate, socialize or internalize – there is a place for you.  There is no rule or law (other than zoning maybe) that says you have to create a certain type of space for yourself. 

Check out some of our listings that have amazing potential for Man Caves and She Sheds.

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