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Social media for real estate is key to a consumer/agent relationship, as it allows for a window into the agent’s personality. Social media for real estate also gives the opportunity for further exposure on listings and the ability to connect with buyers.

Social media is everywhere. For some it is a source of entertainment, a way to stay connected, an opportunity to sell a product, or just an annoyance. Social media for real estate, however, is an opportunity that can be used to the advantage of both consumers and agents. With FacebookInstagramSnapchatLinkedIn, and others, consumers can benefit from working with agents who utilize social media in real estate to maximize exposure for listings, connect with potential buyers, educate consumers, and provide community information for consumers.

More Exposure for Listings

Social media allows for more exposure for listings when effectively utilized by agents. Through Facebook and Snapchat, agents can give on-demand home tours that allow for further insight and interaction from potential buyers who want to see the house from a different perspective aside from the typical photos on listing sites. The videos can then be saved and be seen by the agent’s fans or followers. Facebook and Instagram allow for highly targeted ads that can reach consumers who are the right fit for the seller’s property. This can help to bring the right buyers to the seller’s property. Agents can also grow a connection and following within their operating area that allows for listing photos, videos, and information to be shared by community members. If properly setup, an agent can provide many avenues for listings to be seen by potential buyers than just listing sites, newspaper ads, and open houses.

Educating Consumers

The buying and selling experience should always be an educational process for the consumer with the agent being the teacher. Social media allows for consumers to learn more about the home buying and selling process by finding different perspectives and information that agents can post through blogs or videos. With so many resources on the Internet, it is possible for an agent to be able to prepare the consumer for the transaction before it even begins — something that will help strengthen the consumer/agent relationship.

Providing Community Information

When a consumer is looking for a property, they expect the agent to help them as much as possible. Agents have large networks in order to grow their business, but they can also utilize these networks to help consumers understand what a community is like or certain things that are happening in it. Through social media, agents can share insights on community events, other community businesses, restaurants, and many other things. It is very important for a consumer to feel that the agent they choose can provide the information they are looking for or point them in the proper direction to find it.

Getting a Sense for the Agent’s Personality

When people receive a phone call or email from someone they have not met in person, the first thing that they typically do is Google that person or look them up on Facebook. This is no different if a consumer were to see some marketing from an agent or get contacted by an agent trying to get the consumer’s business. With social media for real estate, the consumer can see all the above items about the agent and get a feel for the agent’s personality and what it would be like to work with them. This is something that can help avoid headaches down the road or possible personality clashes. This element of the process can provide more transparency to the consumer/agent relationship.

The consumer/agent relationship is key in having both a successful transaction and a satisfying experience for both parties. With social media, that relationship can grow even further and allow for multiple benefits on both sides of this relationship.

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